Essential Protection Screen

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Important Notes:

  • Essential Protection Roller Blinds New!

    Our transparent Essential Protection Roller Blinds provide a cost-effective solution, to assist with your individual measures to protect you, your employees and customers from some airborne contagions caused by coughing, sneezing or spitting. 

    Our transparent Essential Protection Roller Blinds are mounted using our traditional roller blind hardware systems, allowing the screen to be raised or lowered in accordance with your requirements.

    Our transparent Essential Protection Roller Blinds are wipeable for regular disinfecting.

    Our transparent Essential Protection Roller Blinds can be used in many applications and are suitable for all commercial environments‚ at healthcare facilities, retail shops, leisure centres, schools, restaurants, takeaways, offices, banks, salons, airports, manufacturing facilities or any environment where person to person screening is required.

  • Please read the advice for Choosing the right roller blind.

  • If you are experiencing difficulty ordering product, please view our How to order roller blinds from our selection page or contact us.
  • We provide detailed Mylar Film information, this can be viewed above on the left hand side, in the images carousel.
  • Please read and watch our measurement guides and installation guides.
  • Colour variances may occur between fabric production batches. These variances are within industry tolerances.
  • Colours will appear different on different computer monitors and are a guide only when deciding your selected purchase.
  • All Blinds ordered must comply with ACCC child safety guidelines. Read ACCC guidelines carefully.You may wish to view our installation video to assist with the Guidelines. 'Warning: Curtain and Blind Cords have caused death of young children and must be installed so that they are not a strangulation hazard.Follow installation instructions.
  • Warning: Alpha remote controllers contain lithium coin batteries. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Swallowing can lead to chemical burns, perforation of soft tissue, and death. Severe burns can occur within 2 hours of ingestion. Seek urgent medical attention immediately. All Alpha remotes are supplied with a warning on packaging please read carefully and follow ACCC guidelines.
  • Pelmets and connection rail are not included in Roller Blind pricing and can be purchased separately on our Pelmet page. Some images on our website may display Pelmets and connection rail images are for visual references only.
  • When selecting Fabrics please note, only blockout fabrics can be chosen for bonded pelmets. We cannot provide bonded pelmets with these fabric ranges; Duo Block Blockout, Shade Blockout, Shade Metallic Blockout, Icon FR Blockout, Vibe Blockout, Vibe Metallic Blockout.
  • Please note our roller blinds and pelmets are for indoor purposes only.
  • Blinds Downunder will not be liable should any person become infected with Covid-19 or other illnesses, where our Essential Protection Screens are present or other Blinds Downunder store products have been purchased.Each purchase/install should be, individually accessed as a risk assessment by the purchasing party on a case by case basis
  • Please note; Screws are not supplied for blind fixings.
  • When opening packaging, please take care of products inside. Products can scratch or tare easily with sharp objects.  
  • Please read our Manufactures Guidelines/Care and Advice.
  • Please read our website terms and conditions and shipping policy.

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