Do you have Automatic Awnings that require updating? We regularly have enquiries, asking if we can change fabrics on older Automatic Awnings on houses and shops. If your Automatic Awnings hardware is still in good condition, it could be worth re-skinning.

Some of the benefits of changing fabrics, less landfill, considerable cost savings, compared to purchasing new Automatic Awnings, rollers can be simple to take down and then re install. No hassles with finding new solid fixings, no install charges.

Often in the summer months you realise your old fabric is now outdated and worn, your old canvas may require a change, or you would like light into your house, by changing from a blockout canvas to sunscreen fabric, to allow light in and keep heat out. By simply changing fabrics, this can resolve this problem. Often when installing automatic awnings for general homeowner it can be very difficult installing to brick walls. By leaving existing hardware and hood, it can be a simple changeover.

A re-skin is perfect if you are trying to change the look of your old or new house, don’t want to drill more holes in your cladding or brick, if your old house has just been rendered and blinds weren’t taken down, prevents broken render, your budget doesn’t allow all new awnings, but you require protection from the summer heat.

 Important things to look for when deciding if re-skinning is right for you? Is my old Automatic Awning operational and do I think it will last another 5 years? Is hood and the rails free of rust and operate smoothly?

What we require?

We require measurement of existing base rail width in mm and drop to tube in mm +300mm to drop, each blind labelled with the location they have come from, Automatic Awnings taken down and dropped off to factory or our courier service arranged, Automatic Awnings picked up from factory or our courier service arranged. We can also provide skins only. We however require more specific measurements.

We can supply Australia wide - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Australia Capital Territory.

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