Manufacture Guidelines\Care and Advice

Blinds Downunders manufactures are members of the Blind Manufactures Association of Australia and take great pride in following industry standards.

Should you have any concerns please reference industry Guideline below:

The acceptable guideline for imperfections, marks, dots etc. on completed product is:

  1. If an imperfection is visible with the naked eye in natural daylight at a distance of 1.2 metres, it is not acceptable.
  2. If an imperfection is not visible with the naked eye in natural daylight at a distance of 1.2 metres it is acceptable. Minor colour variations may occur between any colour sample swatch supplied by Blinds Downunder and the order received, as the colour sample swatch is a guide only.

      This Guideline does not override any rights under Australian Consumer Law

      All information above is Referenced from: Standards Australia AS 2663.2-1999, Textiles – Fabrics for window furnishings – Coated curtain fabrics. Available from SAI Global. The Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

      Other Important notes regarding fabrics and components:

      We advise some light filter fabrics fray regardless of the way in which they are cut. Blinds Downunder does not guarantee light filter fabric against fraying.

      Blinds Downunder advises some fabrics may experience Bagging or ‘V’ing on Larger blinds, this may occur on Blockout, Light Filtering and screen Blinds and could show fabric bagging or wavering. The width of the blind as well as the weight of the fabric contribute to this effect. Screen/Roller blinds wider than 2500mm and/or longer than 3000mm are more likely to bag. To reduce this effect, consider splitting the blind into several blinds. Soft backed fabrics are more likely to bag.

      Blinds Downunder advises small blinds occasionally track and do not roll up straight. Curling of fabric is more likely on smaller blinds also.

      Blinds Downunder recommends Mechanical Parts are treated softly to prolong their lifespan.

      Should you experience any of these problems please fill in our Re-works form and include photos and send to

       Care and Maintenance of Blind Fabrics

      Blinds Downunder recommends general maintenance on all their blinds. Surface dust should be removed with a duster or soft cloth. Fabric may be wiped with a damp sponge and dried with a clean cloth. Never use abrasive products or solvents / industrial based cleaners. Do not roll up fabric while fabric is still damp. Always test in a non-visible sample area first and let dry to avoid any possible damage to further blinds, should there be an adverse effect. These are all recommendations from our fabric manufacture and is in accordance with their guidelines.

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