Choosing the Right Pelmet

At Blinds Downunder we Supply pelmets for different visual applications, our range consists of; a variety of Sunboss Fascia's, Linea Valances and Bonded Pelmets.

 Sunboss Fascia's

 Our Sunboss fascia range is available in three (3) face sizes. The face sizes are 75mm single fascia,100mm single fasica and 160mm Double Fascia.

Our variety of Sunboss Fascia's, can also cover both single and double roller blinds, as well as Panel Glides blinds, Vertical blinds and Romans blinds. 

All our Sunboss Fascia's can be retro fitted to internal blinds.

Our 75mm single fascia is available in round and square and is unavailable with fabric insert.You can see the two profile options below.




  Our 100mm single fascia above is Square. 



Our 160mm double facia above has square and curved corners.

We offer (4) colours varieties; Anodised, White, Cream and Black for the 75mm and 100mm,160mm options.

Our 100mm and160mm Double fascia can be fabric wrapped and also comes in Anodised, White, Cream and Black.

Our maximum single length of Sunboss Fasica is (5) meters and can cover one or more blinds in a row.

Our 75mm and 100mm Sunboss fascia is used to cover a single roller blind, vertical, panel glide etc., however the 160mm fascia can cover double roller blinds.

Our 75mm Square and Round, can be ordered at the same time as Roller blinds on our single roller selection page, 

 Linea Valances

Our Linea Valances are available in two (2) face sizes 98mm and 140mm.

The actual fabric insert sizes measure approximately 89mm and 127mm. Fabric inserts can complement your blinds as shown in the photo below.


Our Linea Valance plastic mould colours available are; White, Cream/Cotta and Black.

Our maximum single length of Linea Valance pelmet is 3600mm. All Linea Valances greater than 3600mm will be provided as two pieces with valance joiner. Joiner fabric will come separately to simply stick on join.

Valances wider than the fabric insert, will be joined on either side evenly with a full width as a centre panel. Please specify if you would like the fabric railroaded to avoid this.

When Linea Valance is face fitted, the Linea Valance is made 20mm larger than the blind size. 

If Linea Valance is recess fitted, Linea Valance will be made the same size as internal opening (OBM) Outter Box Measurement. Refer to our measurement instruction on the pelmet selections page, width input (tooltip) for guidance.

 Bonded Pelmets

Our Bonded Pelmets are made using MDF or timber boxes that are wrapped with a Blockout fabric only of your choice.

We cannot supply a bonded pelmet using Duo Block,Vibe,Icon Fr and Urban Shade.Please consider this prior to choosing your roller blind fabrics.

There are two important choices with pelmets face size and projection. The face and projection sizes are provided as options on our pelmet selections page as in drop down.

We only warrant bonded pelmets to a Maximum size of 3500mm Wide. Our maximum single Pelmet length is 4800mm. All pelmets exceeding this will be made in two equal halves.

If Pelmet are wider than the fabric width, the fabric will be wing joined with a centre panel, otherwise you need to specify if you would like it railroaded.

Bonded Pelmets provide you a softer look over your blinds. The next best thing to Padded Pelmets but more economical.