Double Roller Blind Selection

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Important Notes:

  • Please read the advice for Choosing the right roller blind.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty ordering product,Please read our How to order roller blinds from our selection pages.
  • We provide measurement guides and installation guides.
  • Front blind is closest to inside room, back blind is closest to external environment.Generally we recommend front blind be chosen as a blockout fabric and back blind be chosen as a sunscreen/light filtering fabric. On face fit blinds there can be a side light gap of about 80mm from architrave, You may chose to make back blind blockout fabric and front blind sunscreen/light filtering fabric, a pelmet can cover the front blind. It is important to consider how much light you would like in your room when selecting front and back roll fabrics.
  • We provide fabric information on the samples page, you can filter colours, fabrics, cost.Simply click on selected fabric thumbnail you would like to view. All fabric technical specifications can be viewed here.
  • Colours will appear different on different computer monitors and are a guide only when deciding your selected purchase.
  • Colour variances may occur between fabric production batches. These variances are within industry tolerances.
  • All Blinds ordered must comply with ACCC child safety guidelines. Read ACCC guidelines carefully.You may wish to view our installation video to assist with the ACCC safety Guidelines. 'Warning: Curtain and Blind Cords have caused death of young children and must be installed so that they are not a strangulation hazard.Follow installation instructions."
  • "Warning: Alpha remote controllers contain lithium coin batteries. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Swallowing can lead to chemical burns, perforation of soft tissue, and death. Severe burns can occur within 2 hours of ingestion. Seek urgent medical attention immediately.All Alpha remotes are supplied with a warning on packaging please read carefully and follow ACCC guidelines.
  • Pelmets are not included in Roller Blind pricing and can be purchased separately Pelmet page. Some images on our website may display Pelmets for visual references only.
  • Please note double rollers blinds can impede standard door heights.You may require to install double rollers above architrave for adequate head clearance.Double roller blinds have a drop of approximately 160mm. Additional length maybe required too blinds.
  • When selecting Fabrics please note, only blockout fabrics can be chosen for bonded/fabric insert pelmets. We cannot provide bonded pelmets with these fabric ranges; Duo Block Blockout, Icon FR Blockout, Vibe Blockout, Vibe Metallic Blockout.
  • Recess pelmets may require you to make onsite adjustments. 
  • Blind fabric is generally 12mm-20mm in from external blind hardware.
  • Our roller blinds and pelmets are for indoor purposes only.
  • With back roll blinds please note fabric backing is visible on tube.Note each Fabric has a different backing colour and texture.
  • Please note; Screws are not supplied for blind fixings.
  • When opening packaging, please take care of products inside. Products can scratch or tare easily with sharp objects. 
  • When installing multi link blinds ensure both ends are supported, to prevent blinds falling.
  • Please read our Manufactures Guidelines/Care and Advice.
  • Please read our website terms and conditions and shipping policy.

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