Important Installation and Maintenance Advice for your Roller Blinds

It's important to check the roller blind functions, after fitting your roller blind. Make sure the fabric doesn't not rub on brackets or blind hardware. 

Common reasons this may occur are brackets are not installed level or window/ door frames may be out of square. 

How can you fix this problem?

1)You may wish to place level on blind tube and try adjust bracket heights to suit.

2) Slowly Roll fabric out. Once you reach tube, you may also like to add a thin piece of masking tape at the top of tube, opposite to the side the blind fabric is running out. There is no science to how much masking tape you will be require, more trial and error. One small run of tape makes a massive change and is the easiest way to ensure blind will run freely from brackets and cord controls.

Example of issues that can occur; If fabric doesn't run evenly on tube.

An owner contacted us regarding a roller blind fabric Re-skin for a blind previously installed prior to contacting Blinds Downunder.The owner did not observe the blind was rubbing on brackets and hardware. The finish result was the blind fabric frayed and became caught in the cord control. The blind was now non functional once this had occurred.

It is important to ensure blind functions on a regular basis, to avoid any change that may occur over time. By checking everything is perfect at time of install and regular checks. Your blinds can last many more years to a very high quality.

What can happen if your roller blind is not installed correctly 




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