Alpha Motorisation Guides

Alpha Motors have put together comprehensive guides to assist with the programming of their motors and Alpha Neo Hub.

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Programming remote to Alpha battery motor(s)


Alpha Motorisation | Programming Video Tutorials

Blinds Downunder has put together these Alpha Motorisation video's to assist programming your new battery motor. Click the images below to watch Alpha videos. 

Pairing Alpha Motor

Changing Blind Motor Direction | Alpha Motorisation

Step by Step Mode ( Fine Adjustment) Alpha Motorisation

Setting Top and Bottom Limits | Alpha Motorisation

Deleting Alpha Limits

Back Button Programming Alpha Motorisation

Timer Remote Programming|Alpha Motorisation

Remote Battery Replacement | Alpha Motorisation

Wake Sleep Mode | Alpha Motorisation

Grouping Blinds | Alpha Motorisation



Alpha Neo Hub Instructions 

Alpha Neo Box Instructions

AlphaNeo Hub connecting to Google Assistant



AlphaNeo Hub connection App to Siri


AlphaNeo connecting to Amazon Alexa






Important Information:

 Announcement & Warnings

• In order to keep product in good condition, please charge the motor every 3 months.
• Settings may fail due to radio interference. In this case, please reset.
• Remote RE101 is taken as an example in this guide. The motor is compatible with several Alpha remotes.
• Do not press buttons for too long unless instructed otherwise. Each pressing is about half a second with 1 sec intervals. • If the remote’s battery is low, it may fail to control the motor. Please replace battery immediately.
• Please do not let children play with the remote or motor.
• Storage temperature: -20°C to 65°C

FIRE SAFETY Our rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, like all lithium-based batteries, can pose a fire hazard if mishandled. To ensure your safety and the continued safe operation of our products, we urge you to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. **Avoid Overcharging** Overcharging the batteries can lead to overheating and, in extreme cases, fire. Once the motor's green light indicates a full charge, immediately disconnect it from the charging circuit to prevent overcharging.

2. **Prevent Overheating** Excessive heat can also pose a risk to the batteries. Please ensure that the motor is not exposed to prolonged periods of high temperature or direct sunlight, as this can lead to overheating and potential fire hazard.

3. **Immediate Action** In the event of any unusual warmth, discolouration, or odour emanating from the motor, immediately disconnect it from the power source and refrain from further use. 

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