How to Measure Corner Blind Deductions.


Corner blind deductions

 Important information when ordering Corner Blinds

When fitting corner blinds, where main blind runs entire measurement and abutting 90 degree blind intersects. These are the amounts to deduct when ordering.

Measurement A. option 1. Deduct 1 x 85mm for a standard single blind using 38mm tube, on single bracket (blinds from 200mm up to 2100mm long)

Measurement A. option 2. Deduct 1x 95mm for a single blind using 50mm tube, on single bracket (Blinds from 2101mm long up to 3000mm long)

Butt blinds will need to be on the same size tubes. If blind size has one tube at 38mm and one tube at 50mm, you will need to upgrade your 38mm tube size to larger size of 50mm, to match aesthetically.

Measurement B. option 1 Deduct for two Roller Blinds side be side, on single brackets on 38mm tube deduct 165mm and 185mm on 50mm tube.

If using double slimline brackets (double roller order page) deduct 97mm for 38mm tube (blinds up to 2000mm long) and deduct 107mm for (blinds over 2001mm long.).Only deduct one of these dimensions.To prevent large gaps between blinds, make sure the chosen blind that goes hard into corner, are both selected as front roll blinds. This blinds size will determine which measurement you will need deduct.

Pelmets deductions require larger deductions. For Face Fit and Recess Fit allow;

97mm for Single C70 Cassette 

75mm for Single Blinds 75mm Single Square Fascia

104 mm for Single Blinds 100mm Linea Fascia

125 mm for Slimline Double Bracket Blinds 160mm Linea Fascia

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