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Redi Shade Temporary Blinds


 Can my Simple Stick shades be removed and reused?

 The adhesive on our Simple Stick shades, such as Original and Arch Shades, is meant for a one-time application. Anything after that and we cannot guarantee how well or if the shade will hold onto a surface for a second time. We do not offer extra adhesive for our shades nor recommend using a separate adhesive other than what is already pre-applied to them.

 Where/what type of surfaces are best to mount shades onto?

 For our Original and Arch Shades

The shades should be mounted onto a clean, dry, flat, smooth surface. We recommend using some rubbing alcohol to wipe the surface area down before full shade placement. This will not only prime the area, but will also help remove any residue from previous window treatments.

We do not recommend the shades to be placed on a wallpapered, freshly painted (within 30-90 days), high gloss, or textured surfaces. plasterboard, bare, varnished, or lacquered wood surfaces are also not recommended for shades to be placed on too.

 Tips to ensure your Simple Stick shade stays in place when installing

 Adhesive failures on shades are most often due to not prepping the surface or not putting enough pressure on the shade.

To maximise proper adhesion, the surface you are using for the shade must be completely cleaned with a lint-free cloth and any solvent cleaner (like isopropyl alcohol or methyl ethyl ketone) before installing the shade. This is key for best results.

Surface pressure is also important when it comes to properly installing the shade. It’s best to apply pressure for 30 seconds so that the adhesive on the shade can bond well to the surface. More pressure will be needed if your surface is rougher and textured, less pressure will be needed for smoother surfaces. Please allow 30 minutes for the adhesive to cure before operating the shade.

Please check out this Quick Video on prepping a surface before sticking your shade.

 Can these products be used outdoors?

 Our shades are not weather-proofed, we do not recommend them for outdoor use.

Do you have details on the product warranty? How do I measure for and install my shades?

 Original Products have no warranty, except that conferred under the Australian Consumer Laws.

If there is a manufacturer defect or shipping damage, please reach out to us within 15 days of purchase and we will do our best to assist you.

Redi Shade-AU Customer Care staff have the full authority and support of Redi Shade Management to resolve all customer and consumer related contacts with Redi Shade Customer Care in a respectful and professional manner with no need for further escalation.

How do I measure for and install my shades?

 We have handy guides for measuring and installation with step-by-step instructions and videos.

 What is the difference between inside and outside mount??

 Inside mount means the shade will be installed within the recessed area of your window opening.

Outside mount means the shades will be installed on the outside face of the window sill or on the wall surface, outside the window opening.

The Difference Between Inside and Outside Mount 
   Recess Mount            Face Fit

         Recess Mount                            Outside Mount

 Can these shades be installed in the bathroom?

 The shades can be installed in a well ventilated bathroom; however, we do not recommend installing in a window inside a shower area or enclosure.

 Can I paint my Original or Original Arch shade? Are your products environmentally friendly?

 Yes you can. Most paints will adhere to the shades, however, we recommend checking with your local craft or hardware store on which type of paint is best for the material.

 Are your products environmentally friendly?

 Yes, being an environmentally friendly company is important to us. Read all about our environmentally friendly products and efforts.

 Do any of the shades have external cords?

 No. All Redi Shade window shades include cordless operation as a standard feature to ensure they always provide maximum safety, ease of use, and a clean, cord-free appearance. Redi Shade are proud members of the Window Covering Safety Council (USA) and our shades have been nominated as some of the best for homes with children and pets.

Original shades are held raised and lowered using the included clips.

 Can I get technical specifications for your shades?

 For product specifications head to our specifications guide.

 My windows are longer than the available sizes; can I still use Redi Shade products?

 Yes you can.

Our paper shades can be layered. Visit this video on layering Original Paper Shades.

 My windows are wider than the available sizes; can I still use Redi Shade products? What can I use to cut my shades?

 Yes you can.

– Original paper shades can easily be overlapped to cover a wider width.  Just overlap two or more shades to cover your windows.

Head to our measuring guide to learn how to measure your window.

Visit; Measuring Guide 

 Can you send someone over to measure my windows?

 We don’t offer home consultations, but our products are all DIY. Visit these handy guides for measuring and installing complete with instructions, photos, and videos.

What can I use to cut my shades?

 For Original and Original Arch shades: use a sliding blade utility knife to cut the width (while the shade is folded, stacked in its pleats) cutting though a few pleats at a time. The length can be trimmed with scissors. 

 How do I remove my Simple Stick shade?

 To Remove:

  1. Gather the shade together so the pleats are condensed at the top rail.
  2. Starting at one end, gently begin to pull the shade away from the window frame. The top pleat of the shade should begin to separate from the window frame.
  3. Continue doing this until the shade has released from the window frame.

This action will be the same for both inside and outside mounted Redi Shade products, including Arch shades.

Visit; Removing Shade 

 What can I do to remove adhesive residue if that should occur?

 – If residue is sticky, try rolling off the residue using your fingers.
– If the first technique does not work, apply rubbing alcohol to adhesive residue and let sit for 10 minutes. Next, with a putty knife or spatula, remove residue gently to avoid damage to your window or frame.
– If the first two suggestions do not work, use Goo Gone (found in many hardware stores). Apply Goo Gone directly to residue with soft pad (folded cloth or paper towel). Let soak for 10 minutes. Then, with a putty knife or spatula remove residue. Use a gentle touch to avoid damage to window or frame.

Note: Plain white paper towels are recommended, due to the transferring of ink that may occur from using printed towels.

Remember: to follow the manufactures safety instructions when using any chemical products to remove adhesive. The above products are only a guide, you should seek professional advice from a local hardware store or paint shop before attempting removing stubborn adhesive. We recommend to try a small test area first. Ez Blinds takes no responsibility for chemical handling when removing of adhesive tape.Ez Blinds takes no responsibility should paint be removed or other damage caused taking shades down.

 How do I clean my shades?

 Original and Original Arch:

– Lightly dust and/or vacuum with upholstery attachment.
– Since they are paper shades any contact with water will ruin the shade.

*Note: Dry cleaning, full immersion in water, strong detergents, or spot cleaners are not recommended for any Redi Shade products.*

What sizes are available for Original Shades? 

Are shades flame resistant?

 No, shades are not flame resistant and should not be near flames or heat sources.

What sizes are available for Original Shades?

 Paper Original shades are available in: 

  • 91cm width x 227cm length
  • 120cm width x 227cm length
  • Trim to any size, overlap two or more for wider windows

*Depth required for mounting as an inside mount 3.2cm

 What can I do to keep my Original Shades from being so rigid?

 The pleats of the Original Shades can be quite rigid and may take some time to relax. To help it stretch to its longest extension, you can try to weigh the shade down with the plastic clips provided, or something heavier such as large binder clips.

 How do I raise and lower the Original style shade?

 To raise the shade and allow light to come in, the shade will need to be repleated by hand. Each shade is supplied with two clips that are used to clip the shade to itself, at the desired height you would like. The clips can be placed on either the front of the shade or off to the side. To bring the shade down, gently remove the clips and the shade will fall into place covering the window.

 What sizes are available for Original Arch shades?Why is the measurement scae on the orignal Arch shade 2.5cm off? 

Original Arch Shades are available in:

– 182.8cm Width x 91cm Height

– Fits half-round arch windows with bases measuring up to 182.8cm wide.

*Depth required for mounting 3.2cm

Check out the technical specifications here.

Does the Original Arch come in other colours?

 No, not so far in Australia! We offer the Arch in pleated white light filtering fabric as well as pleated white light blocking fabric. You can also easily paint the Arch Shade to give it its own unique look! We recommend checking with your local craft or hardware store for which type of paint is best for the material.

Find more tips in the craft guide.

 Can I purchase just an arch holder?

 No, Arch holders are only sold with the Original Arch shade.

Why is the measurement scae on the orignal Arch shade 2.5cm off?

 The Original Arch measuring guide is devised to allow for 2.5cm of space, so the shade will fit properly in the window, accommodating the bump in the middle of the arch holder. Head to the measuring and installation guides to learn more.

How do I help my Original Arch shade relax?

 Arches will not expand by themselves once taken out of the package. They need time to relax since they are packed very tight during manufacturing.

This is the shade mounted right after

This is the shade relaxed

 How do I measure/install for an imperfect arch window?

 Original Arch Shades are designed to be installed as an inside mount and are designed to fit perfect arch windows. While you may be able to cut and trim the shade for some imperfect arches, we cannot guarantee they will work for you. The general steps for imperfect arches are listed below. We do not recommend using Original Arch Shades for Eyebrow or Elliptical Windows.

If you need an arch shade for these kinds of arches, we recommend looking at a custom arch solution which RediShade does not offer. Visit your local blind retailer or home improvement store for assistance with these types of shades.

If you choose to use an Original Arch Shade for an imperfect arch we cannot guarantee that it will work.

The general steps for Imperfect Arches:

Place the Arch Shade in your window, fan open. Take a pencil and trace, on the excess material, following the curvature of the window. Remove the shade and with a sharp pair of scissors, cut off the excess material, following the traced curve. Replace the shade in the window and mount it down to the sill. Visit our imperfect arch guide video for more detailed steps and information. 

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