How to choose the right Venetian blind

Choosing the right venetian blind can be a little difficult to navigate, with different styles/materials, different blade sizes, different mounting methods- face fit/recess fit.With all these options in mind, how do you choose the right venetian blind?

At Blinds Downunder we’ve broken down the steps and questions to help you choose the right venetian blind for your needs.

Steps for choosing a venetian blind:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the room
  2. Select material
  3. Blind configuration
  4. Budget
  1. Familiarise yourself with your room

    Familiarise yourself with the room, have a look at colour scheme, room layout, location of daytime sun, size of the window(s)/doors and any potential obstructions around were the blind will function.

    Our custom fit Venetian blinds assist with blocking out external light and can help reduce direct sun glare - by angling the slats at different times of the day, also they can create privacy and can also help with managing energy efficiency.

    Click image below to see energy benefits of window furnishings.


  2. Selecting a material

    Blinds Downunder Venetian blind ranges suit a variety of applications, we offer an exciting range of colours and materials.

    When choosing your customisedVenetian blind. it is important you select the right material and style that will best suit your blind location, based on your room type, your internal colour schemes, design and style,

    Aluminium materialsare solid material and stop a majority of light entering your room when closed. Aluminium verticals come in 25mm and 50mm slats.

    Fauwood Venetians are a composite material and come in foam wrapped with pvc coating and come in 50mm and 65mm slats. The Fauwood Venetian range can give the appearance of plantation shutters at a much cheaper price point.

    Where can I choose these Ranges?

    Our range can be chosen through the Venetian blind selection page on our webpage.

  3. Venetian Blind mounting options

    When considering how you would like yourVenetion blinds to appear on your windows or doors, there are a few different options which are outlined below.

    Recess Fit Venetian Blinds

    Recess fit means the Venetian blinds are installed on the inside of the window frame. Generally, recessed Venetian blinds need to beaccessed for obstructions/hardware on the window or doors. Generally 40mm is sufficient depth from internal frame to outside of frame for 25mm slats and 65mm depth for 50mm venetian blinds. If you were to mount a recess fit Venetian blind, you will see around 8mm of light running down each side of the vertical length of the blind and some light through the slats horizontally, top and bottom also and will let some light through into the room.

    Important notes regarding vertical Light Gaps

    Our Venetian blinds are approximately 8mm shorter than each side of the finished blind measurement to allow for slats to move freely. Our measuring sheet runs through the finer details on correctly measuring.

    It is important to imagine light which filters through sides and slats, top and bottom of Venetian blind when daylight is present.

    Important note on window obstructions

    Obstruction within the internal frame (recess) of the window or door, could mean blinds may need to be externally mounted. This mean greater protrusion into the room off the wall. Cutouts can be consider if at bottom of the venetian blind.

  4. You may require cut outs of venetian blinds at bottom to avoid obstructions.

    Venetian Blind Cut Out


    Face Fit Venetian Blinds

    This means a blind is mounted on the external window face (or architrave) see below image. If Vertical blind is a Face Fit light would be more restricted into the room, as the blind would sit closer to the architrave or wall covering, the architrave prevents the 8mm gap down the vertical sides, which occurs with the recess fit blind. Best mounting location, taking into account that you need a solid fixing for your bracket fixing location.



    What should I consider if I have a Large Window or door

    Venetian blinds are restricted by size, you may wish to order a venetian to go side by side.

  5. Budget

    We always recommend you choose the best material type for your purpose. Our venetian blinds are all of high quality and are price pointed based on ranges and sizes of blinds.

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