How to Measure Recess Fit Blind.

Important steps to follow when measuring Recess Fit Blinds.

Print out Blinds Downunder measuring form or download Blinds Downunder measuring form for computer or device, from our website, to document blind measurements and details.

Use a metal tape measure. Make sure the tape measure is taught when taking measurements.

Always write down the width measurement first and then the drop measurement second on all blinds.

Only write measurements down in millimetres.

Write down the preferred motor side on each individual blind.

Document the smallest measurement of three spot measurements for width and drop. Our manufacture will allow for all appropriate deductions.

Always double check measurements with the measurements you have written down.

Watch for protruding door or window hardware that might interfere with blind operation. The minimum measurement for recess fit blind is minimum 75mm internally for single blind and 107 mm internally for double blind. If installing Pelmets on single roller allow minimum 104mm, if installing pelmet on double roller blind allow minimum 125mm.


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