How to Measure Outdoor Automatic Awning Reskins


Important steps to follow when measuring Automatic Awnings.

Print Blinds Downunder measuring form or download Blinds Downunder measuring form for computer or device, from our website, to document blind measurements and details. Ignore the Front Roll /Back Roll option for Reskins.



Measuring Instructions

 Items you will need

Use a metal tape measure. Make sure the tape measure is taught when taking measurements.

Always write down the width measurement first and then the drop measurement second on all blinds.

Only write measurements down in millimetres.


For Automatic Awnings Reskins document the actual base rail for width measurement, also check fabric in three spots. If you are replacing you old canvas awning, the fabric will most likely have shrunk.This is why it is important to use the base rail width only. For the Vertical measurement (Drop) you will need to measure from the top of the hood box to the top of the side rail bracket guide, You will then need to add 400mm minimum to the vertical measurement(Drop) (line b) fabric to go around blind tube and any additional allowance you would like blind to go past the window.If you choose to have a valance, the 100mm Valance will add around 60mm extra to the bottom.Each individual scenario will need to be accessed prior to placing order.

Always double check measurements with the measurements you have written down.

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