How to measure Linked Roller Blinds


 Step 1) Choose face fit or recess fit as your mounting method.

 Step 2) Take overall measurement. Always reference the overall dimension to confirm individual blind lengths are correct


 Example 1)

3200mm overall measurement. Blind measurement could be

ie; 1600mm + 1600mm= 3200mm.


 Example 2)

Blind measurement could be any value which equals 3200mm overall;

i.e; 1645mm +1555mm=3200mm.


 Important Note: Take into consideration where you would like to join your blinds; ie centre off window mullion or to the side of a door. If you are joining over a mullion. take the blind measurement to where you would like the centre to be.

Note; there is around 10mm gap either side of the centre of blind brackets, when blinds are manufactured to allow for blind fittings. Light gaps are normally around 20mm between both blinds, as a total gap.

Step 3) Take note on how you would like the operation of your blinds left or right side.

If you have Three Linked Roller Blinds, make note which side you would like to operate middle blind. A Battery Motor and Zero Gravity System, can allow the flexibility of three blinds working separately if required. A multilink system will operate two linked blinds together and one blind will lift independent. Battery Motors can also work the same way if required.

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