How To Measure Custom Fit Venetian Blinds Guide

At Blinds Downunder we have put together an explanation video and written guide on how to measure different window and door configurations for your selected Venetian Blinds.Venetian Blinds can be installed as Face Fit with architraves or Face Fit without architraves, Face Fit on doors and Recess Fit.

 Measuring Instructions

Venetian Blind Size start from 200mm-3000mm
Items you will need

 1)Steel Tape measure (All measurements to be documented in millimetres)

2)Print Measurement form or populate Measurement form online

3)Pen and Paper  


 Important notes;

1) Always document the room your blind will be installed. You may wish to sketch a plan of Venetian Blind locations as reference. Hang onto both your Measurement form/sketch and file for future reference.

2) Always measure every window individually, check measurements in a minimum of three different locations. Windows can sometimes be out of square. Refer to measurement video and this specific measurement document: Face Fit, Face Fit No Architraves. Corner Blind Deduction can vary depending on size of slats.



3) Always measure the width measurement and then the drop measurement in that order. Make sure you write measurements to the exact millimetre. 

4) At time of measurement always document the side you wish your cord, your wand will be positioned on the same side.

5) Always look for any obstructions ie; door/window hardware, which may interfere with your Venetian blind’s functionality. Provided no obstructions, generally 35mm is sufficient depth for 25mm slats in recess,65mm for 50mm slats in recess and 80mm for 65mm slats.

6) Never take measurement directly from your house plans or window schedules as this will most likely not be accurate.

7) Always Triple check your measurements and blind details you have documented.

8) Our blind manufactures deduct the correct tolerances for your Venetian blinds to fit. It is important to input your measurements to the exact size. It is always recommended if you are finding it difficult to differentiate between one millimetre, you write down the lesser measurement.Corner windows are handled different.

9) If you are measuring with someone else, make sure everyone is reading the tape measure the same way, before you start measuring the entire house lot of blinds. Make sure to read all measurements out aloud and confirm measurements by repeating your assistant’s measurement, especially before writing the finalised measurements on your measurement form.

10) Once you have completed the Measurement form, transfer these details to our Venetian Selections Page. Triple check the information you are entering relates to your Measurement form, as you enter. Always check your information is correct prior to proceeding with purchase that is in your cart.

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