How to Install PrivaSee Window Film Guide         

At Blinds Downunder we have put together detailed written instructions on how to install your selected PrivaSee Window Film.                                                                                                                                         

Items Required to install your  PrivaSee Window Film

  1. Vacuum/Cloth/Sheet
  2. Cleaning cloth and rubbing Alcohol.
  3. Packing Tape
  4. Standard household scissors.
  5. Silicon Gun/Silicon
  6. Plies
  7. Drill and Screw Driver


How to Install your PrivaSee Window Film

  1. Vacuum area installation area, ensure the working area is free of dust and debris.
  2. Unroll the smart film. ( Never place the smart film roll vertically touching the ground). Place a cloth or clean sheet on the floor.You can now unroll the smart film. You will see the buzz bars and wires are already attached. Connect film (wires) to transformer and the transformer to power source (standard power plug connection), to ensure your film is working, prior to installing.
  3. Align smart film with glass, to make sure it fits your desired location. In the video scenario, we realise the film is too large for the glass.So we re measure the glass, marked the film and trim the excess film.
  4. Using the items documented above, you can now start preparing to install.Successful installation requires a clean environment. First we clean the glass with a blade from edge to edge, ensuring you do not scratch your glass with the blade, now clean the film with a cloth.
  5. Ready for installation. Pull back the edges of the protective liner, we never fully remover the protective liner at this point. Attach packing tape on corners on 45 degree angle to make it easier to apply the film and remove the liner as you install.As you can see in the video, only pull back around 4cm of protective film, at this point of time. Avoid touching the adhesive side to prevent contamination of film. Now the film is being attached to the glass. Align on top, bottom and sides. Once aligned, attach the first 4cm of film to the glass.Then the rest is very easy.Using the ends with plastic tape, pull back the liner and at the same time smooth. the film across the glass. Never pull the liner back too fast. Apply the film 4cm at a time, to minimise air bubbles and make it easier to remove dust if necessary.Use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles as you go. If dust or debris does get between  film and glass, mark the area to see where it was, then peel the film back, remove the dust with sticky tape, then place small section of film back.We prefer to finish the installation along one edge, incase there is any dust.This makes it easier to peel the film away and reapply it. We repeat this process on multiple films if there is more than one.
  6. Wiring smart film. Individual films go to the transfer. Multiple films are daisy chained.Check the films are working prior to neatly hiding wires. Always follow the wiring diagram. Ensure a certified electrician installs any 240volt  or hardwired cabling. Never undertake this work, without a certified electrician.PrivaSee Smart Film Wiring Diagram
  7. Protecting the smart film, because the smart film is being used in a wet area, use a non acidic silicon (neutral) to seal the edges of your smart film, to protect the edges from moisture. This is an important step to prevent damage. After applying the silicon, remove excess.Do this on all sides. Please ensure  non acidic silicon (neutral), any other silicon will damage the film.
  8. Carefully remove the protective liner while the silicon is still drying. The liner is there to protect the film from damage and dust during installation.
  9. The smart film installation is now complete.


Click the link below to watch How to install PrivaSee Smart Film.


PrivaSee Smart Film 




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