How to choose the right  Full Blockout Roller Blind System

Choosing the right Full Blockout Roller Blind System can be challenging, with so many different options readily available. How do you choose the right Full Blockout Roller Blind System?

At Blinds Downunder we’ve broken down the steps and questions to help you choose the right Full Blockout Roller Blind System for your needs.

Steps for choosing a Full Blockout Roller Blind System:

    1. Familiarise yourself with the room
    2. Selecting the best Blockout Fabric
    3. Blind configuration
    4. Blind hardware                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  1. Familiarise yourself with your room

Familiarise yourself with the room, have a look at colour scheme, room layout, location of daytime sun, size of the window(s)/doors and any potential obstructions around.

Our custom fit  Full Blockout Roller Blind System assist with blocking out external light, creating privacy and can also help with managing energy efficiency.  

Click image below to see energy benefits of window furnishings. 


Full Blockout Roller Blind System


  1. Selecting a fabric

Blinds Downunder blind ranges suit a variety of applications, our fabrics offer an exciting range of colours and textures. We provide technical specifications on all the fabrics we have listed. This can help you choose the best blockout fabric for your blinds and their desired application.

When choosing your customised  Full Blockout Roller Blind System fabric, it is important you select the right fabric and style that will best suit your blind location, based on your room type and privacy requirements, your internal colour schemes, design and style.

Below we go through the only fabric type that provides Blockout

 Blockout fabrics are solid material and stop a majority of light entering your room.


 How fabric selection can create better energy efficiency

Our blockout fabrics are considered the best way to reduce heat and heat loss through any external glass window or door. Our blockout fabrics, combined with Full Blockout Roller Blind System to assist with your room darkening.Careful consideration needs to be made with roller blind fabric based on how much sun exposure each room may experience. It is important to view the fabric technical details to determine the best blockout fabric.

 Where can I choose these Fabric Ranges?

Our fabric ranges can be chosen as a Full Blockout Roller Blind System through the Full Blockout Roller Blind System section on our webpage. You may wish to view all of our fabric ranges on our Blind Fabrics Australia page prior to heading to our selection pages.


 Full Blockout Roller Blind System


  1. Blind mounting options

When considering how you would like your Full Blockout Roller Blind System to appear on your windows or doors, there are a few different options which are outlined below.


Recess Fit Roller Blinds Front Rolled

Recess fit means the blinds are installed on the inside of the window frame and back rolled (see images below). Generally, recessed blinds need to be front rolled to avoid obstructions/hardware on the window or doors. You need approximately 75mm depth minimum and 90mm to fit fully in the recess from internal frame. If you were to mount Full Blockout Roller Blind System, The tracks will enter the recess approximately 50mm down each vertical length of the blind and will stop light entering into the room. 



Important notes regarding Light Gaps

Our Full Blockout Roller Blind System requires a tape to avoid light bleed or silicon around  Full Blockout Roller Blind System to prevent small gaps of light bleeding through.



 Important note on window obstructions

Obstruction within the internal frame of the window or door, could mean Full Blockout Roller Blind System may need to be externally mounted. This mean greater protrusion into the room off the wall.



Face Fit Roller Blinds Back Rolled

This means the Full Blockout Roller Blind System is mounted on the external window face (or architrave) and back rolled (see below image). If a blind is a Face Fit blind/back rolled, Tracks attach to the architrave or to the wall depending on construction method. The surface is required to be flat level plain to mount the Full Blockout Roller Blind System



  What should I consider if I have a Large Window or door

We recommend the Full Blockout Roller Blind System be ordered as seperate systems and joined on a window or door mullion if possible. On request we can manufacture as one large Full Blockout Roller Blind System, with a centre mullion of 80mm.

We also recommend for larger Full Blockout Roller Blind System over 2500mm to upgrade blind to have a helper spring/spring assist, which we offer as an optional extra instead of the standard gear drive. This helps with the operation of lifting blind up and down and can help with your blind’s overall lifespan.


When should I consider installing on the Top Cassette?

Top Cassette are only recommended with the Full Blockout System as they block light. We sell pelmets/fascia which provide a cheaper option for visual purposes only.


  1. Blind Hardware 

The Full Blockout Roller Blind System comes in three colours; White,Black and Anodised.

The bottom rail style with a Cassette Top and Sides only, is a standard bottom rail with guards to travel up and down the channel. The bottom rail on a Full Blockout Roller Blind System is a steel lathe sewn in a pocket.One of the downfalls of the Steel lathe pocket is that you see the stitching holes, that let a small amount of light into the room. 

Plastic chains tend to last better than the stainless steel and chrome chains. You can change colours in our selection on our product page. As the  Full Blockout Roller Blind System, comes in three colours; White,Black and Anodised. We recommend White,Black or Grey when choosing chain colours.



Blinds Downunder also offer battery motorisation. Motorisation requires a battery charger to charge individual batteries approximately every 8 months, blinds stay in their fitted position when charging. The rest of the time you can use a remote control or create automation throughout your house using a hub to raise and drop your blinds. Battery motorisation has came a long way in the last few years and creates a great option for a clean look free of blind chords.

Alpha motors have an app that is extremely versatile and easy to set up. It controls all Alpha motorised products individually, by area or the whole house at once from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. All functionality can be scheduled to operate automatically. With the Alpha Neo Link Box, you can download the free app for either android or apple and control all your devices and groups directly or through automations functions available. Alpha Neo is compatible with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa and Siri.

Click Alpha Motors remote image below for further details on how the motorisation system works;


When should I upgrade Blind Tubes size?

Any blind over 2100mm, we automatically upgrade to a 50mm tube. For ascetic reasons. 


  1. Budget

When selecting a Full Blockout Roller Blind System. We recommend choosing the best and most expensive blockout fabric. As this means a premium result for room darkening.

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