How to choose the right Vertical blind

Choosing the right vertical blind can be a little difficult to navigate, with different track options, different control options, different fabrics, different mounting methods- face fit/recess fit.With all these options in mind, how do you choose the right Vertical blind for your needs?

At Blinds Downunder we’ve broken down the steps and questions to help you choose the right Vertical blind for your needs.

Steps for choosing a Vertical blind:

    1. Familiarise yourself with the room
    2. Selecting a fabric
    3.  Blind configuration
    4. Blind hardware
    5. Budget                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  1. Familiarise yourself with your room

Familiarise yourself with the room, have a look at colour scheme, room layout, location of daytime sun, size of the window(s)/doors and any potential obstructions around how your Vertical blind will function.

Our custom fit Vertical blinds assist with blocking out external light and can help reduce direct sun glare - by angling the slats at different times of the day, also they can create privacy, light control and can also help with managing energy efficiency.  

Click image below to see energy benefits of window furnishings. 



  1. Selecting a fabric

Blinds Downunder blind ranges suit a variety of applications, our fabrics offer an exciting range of colours and textures. We provide technical specifications on all the fabrics we have listed. This can help you choose the best fabric for your Vertical Blinds and their desired application.

When choosing your customised Vertical blind fabric, it is important you select the right fabric and style that will best suit your blind location, based on your room type, your internal colour schemes, design and style, We provide two ranges of Shaw Fabrics for Vertical Blinds.

Blockout fabrics are solid material and stop a majority of light entering your room when verticals are closed. Being that Vertical Blinds have slats, light still bleeds around the blockout fabric.

Where can I choose these Fabric Ranges?

Our range can be chosen through the Vertical blind section page on our webpage. You may wish to view our Fabric options on our Blind Fabrics Australia page under the Vertical Blind Filter, you can view these prior too heading to our Vertical blind selection page.

      3. Blind mounting options

 When considering how you would like your Vertical blinds to appear on your windows or doors, there are a few different options which are outlined below.

Vertical Blockout Blind


Recess Fit Roller Blinds 

Recess fit means the blinds are installed on the inside of the window frame. Generally, recessed blinds need to be accessed for obstructions/hardware on the window or doors. Generally 100mm is sufficient depth from internal frame to outside of frame for 89mm slats and 135mm depth for 127mm vertical blinds to sit fully in recess. However 89mm Vertical Recess Fit blinds can fit a recess 50mm and 127mm Vertical Recess Fit blinds can fit recess 70mm. These measurements provided are a guide with an understanding that the minimum depth for the bracket may mean that the blinds and bracket will sit outside the window recess. For full recess fit allow 100mm and 135mm as recess depth. Fitting the track to the front of the recess allows the vertical blind to give the impression the wall is continuing through.


These are the less deep recess fit options; when open the vertical slats will protrude the recess.

Vertical Blinds 89mm 30mm - 85mm
Vertical Blinds 127mm 30mm - 90mm


Important notes regarding vertical Light Gaps

Our Vertical blinds are approximately 15mm shorter than each side of the finished blind measurement to allow for blind components. Our measuring sheet and video run through the finer details on correctly measuring.If you were to mount a recess fit blind, you will see around 15mm of light running down each side of the vertical outside lengths of the blind and light through the slats vertically, top and bottom will also let some light through into the room.It is important to imagine light which filters through sides and slats, top and bottom of Vertical blind when daylight is present.

Important note on window obstructions

Obstruction within the internal frame (recess) of the window or door, could mean Vertical Blinds may need to be externally mounted. This means greater protrusion into the room off the wall.

Face Fit Vertical Blinds

This means a blind is mounted on the external window face (architrave or wall) see below image. If Vertical blind is a Face Fit  light would be more restricted into the room, as the blind would sit closer to the architrave or wall covering, the architrave prevents the15mm gap down the vertical outside lengths, which occurs with the recess fit blind. You may wish to order track past window/door openings to allow for doors to open fully.We recommend if any hardware protrudes further than 50mm to work out the best mounting location, taking into account that you need a solid fixing for your bracket fixing location.


What should I consider if I have a Large Window or door

The beauty of Vertical blinds is you can have large expanses of Vertical blinds up to 5950mm long with the Deco Plus track and 5750mm with the Louvolite track. We offer both tracks and a variety of colours in each range. 

When should I consider installing Fascia/Pelmets?

To help prevent light entering at the top of your blind, you may consider installing a single or double pelmet.Depending on your slat size will determince which pelmet suits your needs. The choice of Fascia/pelmet will be based on the style you are after also, you can choose these from our Pelmet Selection Page on our website. The size of the pelmet will be based on how many Vertical blinds are mounted. The pelmet will always protrude further than the Vertical blind itself and be longer.Fascias don't block the light at the top of the blind, but provide a visual face aesthetic.

Single Linea Valance (Fascia)

option image
  1. Blind Hardware 

You can change the look of your Vertical Blinds by changing the colour of your track, cord or wand.

We always recommend a wand control, if not possible to mount a chain safely as per Blind Safety Guidelines on solid fixing surface. Which helps with child safety. (Refer to child safety guidelines). Wand control is our most popular system.

We also recommend the chain less bottom waited system, to move away from the old chained look and also for child safety.

If choosing cord control,Plastic chains tend to last better than the chrome chains. You can change colours  on our Vertical selection page.

Deco Plus Track upto 5950mm Length 

Vertical Blind Hardware Colours

Louvolite Track upto 5750mm Length

Louvolite Vertical Blind Track
  1. Budget

We always recommend you choose the best Fabric type for your purpose. We have a smaller variety of Fabrics which can meet your desired price range. By selecting our price Filter on the right-hand side of our product page, you can choose a pricing based on lowest to highest. In our Vertical Blockout Range .We always recommend to try the different options as our lowest priced fabrics may meet some of your expectations and not other parts.


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