Why Choose Sunboss Roller Blind Hardware

Why Choose Sunboss Roller Blind Hardware

Easy installation with SunBoss Roller Blind Hardware.

Industry stalwart installs Blindware designer systems with miraculous results. After years of industry devotion, perfecting designs and supplying Blindware Hardware across Australia and Worldwide, founder Grant Norton, embarked on his own personal window furnishings project. The finished results are quite astounding.

Grant tailored his renowned blind hardware designs and manufacture to create many different versions of his products. With his extensive interconnecting product range and career knowledge, all incorporated throughout his own seaside holiday home, in Adelaide. 

Grant seized the opportunity to showcase the superior functionality and aesthetic appeal of the SunBoss Hardware systems. With the finished results highlighting a career built on perfection. Every aspect of the project highlights industry leading design and functionality, with the key take being each system has its own individual purpose. Whether that be the use of the SunBoss 160mm Fascia System for double roller blinds, or the SunBoss Decora Fascia System for singles roller blinds, or the use of the Blindware Full Block-out Cassette/Roller Blind System for the cinema room, or the Linked Roller Blinds system across the six large sliding doors to break the roller blind sizes and add practicality. The use of the new SunBoss BR-BR Double Roller Blind Brackets, which are a unique Back roll + Back roll configuration, keeping both fabrics close to the glass and/or window frame. Grant has also used the regular Double Roller Blind Brackets, which is a Front roll + Back roll Roller Blind System (FR-BR Bracket) for double Roller Blinds fitted inside the deep recesses.


Sunboss 160mm Double Fascia/Double Roller Blinds


Grant said, "After completing his project, I probably experienced one of my most poignant moments with the Blindware products, in particular the SunBoss roller blind hardware system."

Each Blindware window covering product, was carefully selected based on each room’s requirements. The blinds were custom-fabricated by Blinds Downunder's Supplier from Melbourne and transported without any complications to his house in Adelaide.

Blindware video guides, which can be found on Blinds Downunder's website, under How to Install Guides helped Grant with all of his installations and made the process very straightforward. Despite some concerns about handling of larger double fascia and roller blinds and long Fascia profiles, Grant found that the installations of the SunBoss roller blinds, was as easy as his video's had made the Blindware systems look to install.

 The Project started with the installation of the Decora fascia and roller blinds, which proved to be a piece of cake for Grant. He mentioned the Decora fascia profile, which was designed for ease with fabric wrapping, to create a seamless connection between the blinds and the rooms and enhances the overall appearance of a standard roller blind. Grant noted by incorporating softer fabrics and screen fabrics, allowed him to best achieve a smooth and elegant finish in his home.


Decora Fascia/Roller BlindDecora Fascia/Roller Blind


Grant, then set about the installation of the SunBoss blackout cassette/roller blind system in his proposed home theatre room. Again, the video guides and easy-to-follow installation instructions, meant the advance DIY SunBoss blackout cassette/roller blind systems went together like a Lego set. The SunBoss blackout cassette/roller blind, looks fantastic and blocks 100% of the outside light, which is really unique for internal blind systems" Grant Said."


Full Blockout/Cassette/ Roller Blind


One of the biggest challenges Grant experienced during his project was the installation of the SunBoss double 160mm fascia and roller blinds, some of which were over two metres wide and required a second pair of hands. Grant installed two sets of double roller blinds, being a combination of face and recess fits. Five sets total of the newly released BR-BR bracket. The BR-BR configuration proved invaluable in keeping the roller blinds close to the glass and away from the front lip of the fascia profile, resulting in a standout appearance.


Sunboss 160mm Double Fascia/Double Roller Blinds


Grant confirmed what Blinds Downunder already knew, if you can use a drill and a screwdriver you can install any Blindware product. Grant said ease of installation, stylish aesthetics, crossed with functional design, means the Blindware system is very inviting for any DIY enthusiasts. Blindware and Blinds Downunder continue to deliver excellence, with seamless integration and customer satisfaction of Blindware systems at Affordable Prices.

The finished results of the Blindware SunBoss roller blind hardware systems speak for themselves in the photos included within this Blog, with the window furnishings connecting seamlessly with the décor of Grant's new home. Grant stated that now he has retired from Blindware, he looks forward to spending quality time in his newly built beach home in Adelaide, surrounded by Blindware's SunBoss roller blind systems throughout. Blinds Downunder notes these products will serve as a testament to the legacy that Blindware Hardware will leave on many Australian households and the window furnishing industry for years to come

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Sunboss 160mm Fascia/ With Double Linked Roller Blinds




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